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São Paulo, April 1st, 2021 — Sportheca, alongside Canadian company ImagineAR, brought to South America the possibility of including augmented reality in its partners’ applications. The first one will be implemented in Clube Atlético Mineiro’s Supper App.

With this technology, it will be possible to raise the level of experiences that fans will have in the digital environment. Among the upcoming activations is the possibility for the fan to take photos and record videos with the club’s players, with idols from the past and with the team’s mascot. An example of activations that can be made with this technology, was the action #2020gradsecret, done through ImagineAR’s app in public schools from Broward County, Florida (USA). The graduating students had a virtual graduation, in which they received the diploma, with the presence of director Robert Runcie and singer Flo Rida, through augmented reality. The 18,000 students were able to dance with them, listen to congratulatory messages, record videos and send them to social media. In addition, they also received a video message from Dwyane Wade, NBA legend and former Miami Heat star.

Market and Markets research predicts that the global augmented reality market is expected to reach US$77 billion by 2025; and it is one of the biggest bets of countless international sports entities.

Augmented reality, within the Supper App developed by Sportheca, opens infinite possibilities for sports entities, not only to further enrich fan experiences, but also to bring new revenue possibilities through brand activations. “We always seek to offer high-value, advanced technology solutions for clubs, aiming to boost the engagement and monetization of fans around the world,” says Eduardo Tega, CEO of Sportheca.

ImagineAR, founded in 2017, works with some international teams, such as Valencia and Real Sociedad, both from Spain, and enters the Brazilian market through a partnership with Sportheca and Clube Atlético Mineiro. “Our global expansion continues with our partnership with Clube Atlético Mineiro and Sportheca in Brazil. We were already in North America, Europe and Asia, and now we have arrived in South America. We are very optimistic that this partnership will grow enormously over the next few years”, says Alen Paul Silverrstienn, CEO ImagineAR.

About Sportheca

Sportheca is an Innovation center focused on promoting the production of innovation and technology in sport with the purpose of generating real transformation for the industry. Founded in 2020, Sportheca has its own technology team and an Innovation Campus in the city of São Paulo; in addition to a strategic headquarter (Project Cell) in Valencia (Spain). The company specialized at the beginning in connecting clubs and sports entities, through innovative solutions, to its fans through passion and technology. In addition to that, it offers mentoring and leverage programs for sports startups.



Sportheca was born to encourage the transformation of the sports industry through the production of innovation and technology at scale.

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Sportheca was born to encourage the transformation of the sports industry through the production of innovation and technology at scale.